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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

{Review}: The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter

The Goddess Test (Goddess Test #1)
Title: The Goddess Test
Author: Aimee Carter
Genre: YA Fiction/Mythology
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
ISBN: 9780373210268
Source: NetGalley*
Available on: Amazon | Barnes&Noble | TheBookDepository

My Rating: 4.5/5

Description from GoodReads:
It's always been just Kate and her mom—and her mother is dying. Her last wish? To move back to her childhood home. So Kate's going to start at a new school with no friends, no other family and the fear her mother won't live past the fall.
Then she meets Henry. Dark. Tortured. And mesmerizing. He claims to be Hades, god of the Underworld—and if she accepts his bargain, he'll keep her mother alive while Kate tries to pass seven tests.
Kate is sure he's crazy—until she sees him bring a girl back from the dead. Now saving her mother seems crazily possible. If she succeeds, she'll become Henry's future bride, and a goddess.

My Review

Wow! Sorry, just had to get that out of the way. I need to read more book with gods in them. I truly enjoyed The Goddess Test. Kate is going through a very hard time in her life. Her mother is dying and she is putting her life on hold to make sure that she spends quality time with her. She is in a new place with no friends or family and the constant fear that she will not be able to survive without her mother.

Then Henry comes into her life and offers to give her more time with her mother if she decides to spend six months with him and pass & tests. He will give her the time she needs to prepare for her mothers death. The scary part is that no other girl has been able to pass the tests and has ended up dead or insane.

What I liked about this book. I liked the character of Henry. I can't really picture the god of the underworld as a happy cheerful guy so to me he was perfect. The relationship between Kate and Henry was also nice because it took time and effort to nurture it. Kate was also a fantastic character. She was caring and selfless. She was dedicated to taking care of her mother. She confronts her fears to save someone that minutes before tried to hurt her. She gives her all in an effort to make Henry happy and give him a reason to live.

What I didn't like as much. The ending. I don't want to ruin it because I recommend you read this book but to me it left me a little empty. The revelation in the end was just a little strange and not believable (if you can claim that in a fiction story). I expected Kate to act a little more surprised or a little upset but she just took it all in. I cannot wait to read the next of this series and see what Kate does and see how she interacts with the rest of the gods, especially Henry.

I recommend this book to those that enjoy paranormal romance and Greek mythology. This is a great book to read this summer.

*Disclosure: This e-ARC was provided by the publisher (Harlequin Teen via NetGalley) for free in exchange for an honest review.


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