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Welcome to Let's Talk About Books!

About Blog:
Let's talk about books is a blog dedicated to reviewing and talking about... well, books. I love reading just like you (I am assuming since you are reading a blog about books) and began this blog to keep track of what I read, inform others about it and to meet fellow readers and talk about what we read.

I read books from different genres as you can see from my posts, so this blog may include contemporary fiction, YA fiction, romance, historical fiction, non-fiction, etc... I'm a lame romantic girl, so you will see that most of the books I read will have some romance.

I am always doing emergency runs/visits to my nearest Barnes & Noble, Amazon.com, and local library. So if you have any suggestions on what I should read next, just let me know.

About Me:

If you are to trust my book reviews I think it's important to get to know me a little more.

Name: Erika
Age: 24
Profession: Marketeer
Languages: English, Spanish, learning Italian
Hobbies: Reading (duh!), Writing, Designing, Discovering, Learning

Books: Jane Eyre (Just to pick one, I have many)
Drinks: Coffee/ GreenTea
Shows: True Blood/ The Nanny
Movies: The Princess Bride/ The Notebook/ Ever After
Music: La Oreja de Van Gogh/ The Cranberries/ Muse

You may contact me by: 

Email: letstalkaboutbooks.erika (at) gmail (dot) com  

Twitter: eoliva3
GoodReads: Erika
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