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Sunday, April 17, 2011

In My Mailbox (3)

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme, hosted by The Story Siren, held usually on Sundays that encourages bloggers to share what they bought, borrowed, or begged for this week.

Mermaid: A Twist on the Classic Tale
Title: Mermaid: A twist on the classic tale
Author: Carolyn Turgeon
Genre: Fantasy/Fairy Tales
Publisher: Crown Publishing Group (Feb 2011)
Hardcover: 240 pages
Borrowed: Library

Description from GoodReads:
The story of two very different women, one mortal, one mermaid, and the clash between worlds best kept apart... It is a cold day at the end of the world when a young woman, a princess in hiding, looks out across a Northern sea and sees something she could not have seen. It looks...it can't be. It looks like a mermaid's tail. And, as she looks more closely, she sees that the mermaid is dragging a drowning sailor in her arms. Because, only hours before, another princess, the daughter of the sea queen, has decided to risk everything and take a look at the world above the sea: the world of mortals. And there she finds a storm, a shipwreck, a sailor, and sets in train events which will change both women's worlds forever.
The Thirteenth Tale
 Title: The Thirteenth Tale
Author: Diane Setterfield
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Atria (Jan, 2006)
Hardcover: 406 pages
Borrowed: Library

Description from GoodReads:
Biographer Margaret Lea returns one night to her apartment above her father's antiquarian bookshop. On her steps she finds a letter. It is a hand-written request from one of Britain’s most prolific and well-loved novelists. Vida Winter, gravely ill, wants to recount her life story before it is too late, and she wants Margaret to be the one to capture her history. The request takes Margaret by surprise–she doesn’t know the author, nor has she read any of Miss Winter’s dozens of novels. 
Late one night while pondering whether to accept the task of recording Miss Winter’s personal story, Margaret begins to read her father’s rare copy of Miss Winter’s Thirteen Tales of Change and Desperation. She is spellbound by the stories and confused when she realizes the book only contains twelve stories. Where is the thirteenth tale? Intrigued, Margaret agrees to meet Miss Winter and act as her biographer. 
As Vida Winter unfolds her story, she shares with Margaret the dark family secrets that she has long kept hidden as she remembers her days at Angelfield, the now burnt-out estate that was her childhood home. Margaret carefully records Miss Winter’s account and finds herself more and more deeply immersed in the strange and troubling story. In the end, both women have to confront their pasts and the weight of family secrets. As well as the ghosts that haunt them still.
This is what I borrowed this week. I am so behind on my reading. I don't know why I keep getting more books.  Yes, I do... The reason I keep getting more books even though I have a pile of them on my desk is because they are awesome! :)

What's in your Mailbox? 


  1. Lovely blog! Mermaid looks really good! I read The Thirteenth Tale and while I thought it was good, there was so much description! The author seemed to describe every little detail. Happy reading from your newest follower! :)

  2. I love the cover of Mermaid. I want one for myself! Happy reading! :)

  3. Oooh the cover of Mermaid is sooo pretty.
    I think I have The Thirteenth Tale in my stacks somewhere - will have to have a look.
    Happy reading.

  4. Fab set! Someone was just telling me that she read the Thirteenth Tale and really liked it.
    My IMM
    Get a free download of Wings by Aprilynne Pike at my blog!

  5. Those look like great books! I hadn't heard of The Thirteenth Tale, but I"m going to look it up on Goodreads now!


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